May 20, 2015

Life Beyond Walls: Highway 101 :: SMITH OPTICS


Life Beyond Walls: Highway 101 from smith optics on Vimeo.

May 17, 2015

American Rivers x Storytellers

Liz rice McCray

American Rivers has been collaborating with a number of creative storytellers across the country to captivate and engage new audiences who are concerned about the health of our nations rivers and our wild, natural landscapes. One approach they have taken is through a network of film makers across the country, creating beautiful films to tell the stories of these amazing places in a more compelling, captivating way.

The Important Places – a wonderful, touching story about the relationship between a father and a son, and how the Colorado River and Grand Canyon serve as a thread to reconnect them. The film was created by Forest Woodward, stars his father, Doug as the main character, and is written by Brendan Leonard (, who has written a number of stories recently about our efforts in the Colorado Basin. The film won the Most Inspirational Film award at the 5Point Film Festival, one of the largest adventure film festivals in the country.


– The Grand Canyon is one of the most iconic landscapes on the planet. But this natural masterpiece of the Colorado River faces a battery of threats. Unless the Department of the Interior acts to stop these threats, one of our nation’s greatest natural treasures will be scarred forever. American Rivers’ Most Endangered River for 2015: The Colorado River in The Grand Canyon. Directed and Edited by Pete McBride. Produced by American Rivers, Matt Rice and Sinjin Eberle. Cinematography: Pete McBride, Ron Chapple, Skip Armstrong, Tristan Greszko and Corbis Motion.

American Rivers protects wild rivers, restores damaged rivers, and conserves clean water for people and nature. Since 1973, American Rivers has protected and restored more than 150,000 miles of rivers through advocacy efforts, on-the-ground projects, and an annual America’s Most Endangered Rivers® campaign. – See more at

May 16, 2015



May 15, 2015

Element x Jeremy Fish – The Zipper Series – Full Video


May 14, 2015


delon isaacs

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.19.20 PM


delon isaacs

Vestal Village 2015: Consciousness Expansion from Vestal on Vimeo.

May 13, 2015

805 Authenticos – Nathan Stuart


805 Authenticos – Nathan Stuart from 805beer on Vimeo.

Open House Creative | May oh May

Liz rice McCray




Open House Creative
1602 Babcock Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
instagram // @openhousecreative

Yarrow Slaps // GET THIS POWER // Opening This Saturday!!!

Liz rice McCray




5/16/15 – 6/10/15
Opening reception
Saturday, May 16th 7-10pm
Gallery hours: 1pm – 6pm
Tuesday – Saturday
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
323 – 654 – 2192

New Image Art is pleased to present, Get This Power, an exhibition of new work by Yarrow Slaps. This will be Yarrow’s first major solo exhibition with New Image Art.

As an underground San Francisco hip-hop performer Yarrow Slaps has been honing his musical chops for a handful of years now playing at local venues and art shows alike. This interest and participation within hip-hop culture has very much influenced Yarrow’s creative output both on the mic and with a paintbrush.

Yarrow Slaps funky poetics radiate out of his most recent body of work including large and small scale painting, installation, and photography depicting various niche hip-hop influences and urban ephemera. A Bay Area native, Yarrow grew up in the heart of San Francisco as a child the “Mission School” aesthetic. Yarrow was reared in the midst of the SF underground culture before the Bloggers and techies took over. Before the rents soared in SF and back when it was still a place for broke artists to be left alone and create. As a youth he observed the city from different angles and applied the various perspectives to his craft both sonically and visually.

Get This Power is about a young mixed raced artist in a culturally diverse world expressing his views about today, tomorrow and yesterday. Through tense eyes and a “Coastal” sense of style you begin to read a narrative. The many that have inspired him are often delicately placed on concrete colored backgrounds. The over-spray backgrounds and murky pallet capture a feeling unique to San Francisco’s fog lit afternoons and damp evening nights. Mixing concepts of race, class and identity, Yarrow’s paintings have a cheeky upbeat appeal even when commenting on the social climate within today’s urban environment. His process imbues a “low-tech kitchen table aesthetic” (in fact that is where most of the art is made) that resonates with sophistication and naiveté. Building upon pre-existing SF creative culture, Yarrow Slaps continues to evolve artistically and present work that is both authentic and relevant.



Yarrow Slap’s GET THIS POWER solo exhibition will be held at New Image Art located at 7920 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, California 90046.

The gallery will host an artist reception and public opening on
Saturday, May 16th at 7 p.m.

For additional information please
or visit

May 11, 2015

Mixed Greens and Mark Mulroney present: Yellow Bikini | APRIL 30–JUNE 6, 2015

Liz rice McCray

Mark Mulroney

Yellow Bikini


Mixed Greens and Mark Mulroney present: Yellow Bikini, a show of paintings, collages, booklets, prints, album covers, sketchbooks, and drippy sculptures that are sure to appeal to children and oatmeal lovers alike.

Growing up in rural Orange County, Mulroney was allowed sugar cereal only on his birthday. His mother would take him to the grocery store and let him pick out any box of cereal that he liked. “I got Trix every time,” he states. “I didn’t even care about the cereal—I was after the box. I just knew that me and that rabbit were gonna’ have some good times together.” Mulroney admits it was common for him to sleep with the box for several nights after his birthday. “I got everything I could out of the box of cereal,” he confesses.

Now that Mulroney is old enough to buy whatever cereal he likes whenever he wants, he has little desire to sleep with a box. He does, however, want to share that sense of adventure and togetherness that he felt as a child with as many people as possible. It is his hope that his art lives up to the task.

Mark Mulroney received his MFA from The University of California at Santa Barbara. His first solo show in NY was with Mixed Greens in 2004. Other solo show venues include Galleries Goldstein, London, England; Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Ever Gold, San Francisco, CA; ebersmoore gallery, Chicago, IL; ArtSpace, New Haven, CT; Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Richard Heller, Los Angeles, CA; and The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. Group exhibition venues have included Park Life, San Francisco, CA; OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WA; Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria; Evergreene Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland; The National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland; RAID projects, Los Angeles, CA; Finesilver Gallery, Houston, TX; The University of Nevada, Las Vegas; the San Francisco Art Institute; the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum; and the Laguna Beach Art Museum, CA. He has been written about in numerous publications including, the Los Angeles Times, and Flash Art. Mulroney currently lives and works in Syracuse, NY.


Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens Mark Mulroney "Yellow Bikini" at Mixed Greens

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