July 28, 2014

Grenade Gloves Presents: Eyes on NY: Grenade Skate


July 22, 2014

SURFRIDER Foundation 10th Anniversary International Surfing Day w/ Deus Ex Machina


SURFRIDER Foundation 10th Anniversary International Surfing Day w/ Deus Ex Machina from Surfer X Blood on Vimeo.

Surfrider Foundation x Deus Ex Machina x SurferxBlood threw the 10th Anniversary celebration of International Surfing Day in Venice Beach, Ca on June 20th 2014. To celebrate and welcome the coming of Summer Solstice and to inform the next generation of surfers and ocean lovers. Surfrider WLAM collected signatures to ban single use (EPS plastic) food containers from Los Angeles County as well raised over 5K which will be used to protect our local breaks, oceans, waves and beaches.
A wave of gratitude to the event organizers, our sponsors Sapporo Beer, Barefoot Wine, all the volunteers, donors, all the supporters that came out to support and party with a purpose and all those who were part of making this event a success! Deus Ex Machina USA, The Teddy Boys, Naive Thieves, Summer Twins, Brook Power, Benedek, Shplinton, SurferxBlood & Surfrider WLAM.

July 21, 2014

Surfrider Foundation x Deus Ex Machina 10th Anniversary International Surfing Day Video Recap


SURFRIDER Foundation 10th Anniversary International Surfing Day w/ Deus Ex Machina from Surfer X Blood on Vimeo.

Hello Ocean Lovers, check out our rad event that we did with Deus Ex Machina USA and SurferxBlood in Venice Beach CA, celebrating our 10th Anniversary of International Surfing Day.
This year, 2014 marks the 30th Year Anniversary of Surfrider Foundation and we are going through a beautiful transition in regards to branding and growth in order to adapt to the ever changing landscape and ushering in the next generation of supporters and fellow ocean activist. We will be launching our new website shortly and as well be participating and creating new partnerships and staging new event activation’s to bond and bring ocean and beach lovers alike closer together so information is more easily accessible for support and participation in protecting our oceans, waves, and beaches. Forever Surfrider!

For the latest news follow us @surfrider


July 20, 2014

STEEL / JURNE | NOTE TO SELF – July 19, 2014 – The Seventh Letter Flagship Store and Gallery



Saturday, July 19, 2014 | 7-10pm
Exhibit runs through July 19 – August 2, 2014



The Seventh Letter
Flagship Store and Gallery
346 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Note To Self video teaser:

NOTE TO SELF – STEEL & JURNE – 7/19/2014 THE SEVENTH LETTER from Sleazy McCheesy on Vimeo.

July 18, 2014



Haus of Strauss holds an Exclusive Gathering for Elite Surf Filmmakers and Photographers in Hollywood

July 18, 2014 (Hollywood, CA) – The High Line Festival of Surfing hosted the first Surfing’s Storytellers Dinner at the Haus of Strauss in Hollywood earlier this week. The evening honored some of the most influential surf filmmakers and photographers giving them a chance to break bread and talk about their shared passion of capturing the surfing lifestyle. Check out this short video for a glimpse into the conversations that took place on this momentus evening:

The High Line’s “Surfing’s Storytellers” from High Line on Vimeo.


ff6f975e7edbfe3d25fc3fcbac437486Left to right: Steve Pezman, Ted Grambeau, Jason Baffa, Chris Burkard, Tim McKenna, Taylor Steele, Cyrus Sutton, Jeff Divine, Hayley Gordon, Jamie Brisick, Art Brewer, Scott Soens, Lucia Griggi and Craig Stecyk
Jeff Divine started the evening with a toast to the late great filmmaker, Sonny Miller
0de4b71eb6e4b453eb2fc54cf67c6791Taylor Steele and Jason Baffa
Chef Roy Choi fueled the conversation with each course of the meal. Following the meal the filmmakers were joined by friends and family for an after party featuring DJ Dojah.

For additional information, connect with the High Line Festival of Surfing here:
• Site:
• Facebook:
• Instagram: @highlinefestivalofsurfing

High Line Festival of Surfing:
The High Line Festival of Surfing celebrates the surfing lifestyle through film, music and art. This movement started in NorCal in 2012 as the Mill Valley Surf Film Festival, and has grown in to the High Line Festival of Surfing. For more information on how you can join the celebration, visit

Noah Neighbor @ Studio BANCS in Culver City || Saturday the 26th


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Dax Gallery presents “PRISON ART” by Assif Assefi Saturday, July 26th 2014 6:00pm-10:00pm


Dax Gallery presents “PRISON ART” by Assif Assefi
Saturday, July 26th 2014

PRISON ART is a collection of works by Orange County-based abstract artist Assif Assefi produced during his 16-month incarceration in a federal detention center. Born in Afghanistan and living and working in the US since the 1980′s, Assefi was arrested in 2011 for drug possession after a long period of substance abuse. In prison Assefi became a prolific and dedicated artist, bartering for commissary bags, toothpaste, pencils and coffee grounds to create his work. The result is a subtle yet compelling collection of images that tell a story of personal transformation alongside the formidable challenges of prison. Connecting personal experiences with larger themes on the human condition,

PRISON ART examines social injustice, racism, freedom, violence and substance abuse through the eyes of an Afghani citizen and US federal prisoner. The exhibition at DAX Gallery marks the first time this personal and powerful collection of work will be shown to the public. The artist specifically sought to debut his work in Orange County where he was arrested and imprisoned. In a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world PRISON ART demonstrates the redemptive power of art, hope, and survival of the creative spirit.

The show will run until August 23rd.22

Dax Gallery | 2951 Randolph Street | Costa Mesa | CA | 92626

July 17, 2014

Matix presents Fall14 in the Sierras


Matix presents Fall14 in the Sierras from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.

Matix takes a road trip up to the Sierras, an adventure with the whole Matix team. Skating Lone Pine and Mammoth skateparks, adventures out to an old ghost town , hot springs, and some fun stops in between. Its not about the destination, its about the adventure getting there. Join us. Matix Fall14

July 16, 2014



photo copy

New work by Saner Solo exhibition on view now at the museum of Contemporary Art in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


The Madness of A Stranger Man
words by Javier Iglesias Algora

We are all strangers. Nobody really knows us. Nobody knows us as deeply as ourselves, if we even know ourselves at all. We live in a masked ball, where the outside knows one face and the inside knows another. Day by day we perform a different character in each scene of our life: at home, at work, on the street, with our friends, our family… And thus life becomes a tragicomedy theatre with a mixture of humor, drama, suspense, horror, fantasy…

Many people don’t realize the character they play throughout their lives. They just live, work and love. They perpetuate the species and give continuity to history. Supporting actors, extras, set. Only a few remove their mask to express their inner world and reveal who really breathes behind the character. Only a few are truly protagonists in history. Those few who dare to confess the unknown are often considered insane. Only time will turn them into visionary geniuses.

We are all strangers and many of our secrets will go to the grave with us. We all share a world of ideas and images but everyone sees reality from their own perspective. That point of view is inevitably unique. No one else has taken our steps, and lived our emotions as ourselves, as the protagonist of our own fiction. Our way, our whole life, is shaping that vision and coloring what is shown to us. We can accept the world as they say it is, or we can choose to believe what we experience by ourselves.

There are few who dare to capture their own colors and share their own visions above the socially established norm, above the little expected from a stranger man. Those who do are often hijacked by madness and loneliness. But when someone knows his mission there is no outside, madness or loneliness to stop him. Everything conspires in his favor and everything is necessary. His mission is bigger than him. The closer he gets, the further he separates from society. The deeper he delves, the crazier it seems to others. Loneliness against siren songs and destiny shining on the horizon. There is a point of no return, where creation is life and fiction is reality. This is the great magic act of the artist. The others are just spectators that can only appreciate and celebrate that crazy and generous sharing of that stranger man, who is now a visionary artist.

Edgar Flores Nández, Saner, stranger, friend, madman, artist… is one of those men. For years he’s believing in his own fiction, forging his own path and making a dream come true, where other minds would find it impossible. Therein lies the madness of a majority, in the faith that one professes to its mission. Despite being a large majority, the crazy stranger they call Saner continues his way against the tide, pursuing his dreams and sharing them on paper, canvas and wall.

Javier Iglesias Algora.
Artist and director of Belio Magazine.








La locura de un hombre desconocido – SANER – MAC San Luis Potosí from COCAY / VIDEO EDITING on Vimeo.

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