August 11, 2015

Sarah Muirhead | August issue of B!isss Magazine

Liz rice McCray

Artist Sarah Muirhead born 1987, Glasgow. Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Currently based in Edinburgh. Make sure to check out more of her art at and read her feature in our August issue.



August 7, 2015


Liz rice McCray

Los Angeles based art gallery Slow Culture is proud to present Milk and Honey: Contemporary Art in California, a 45 person group exhibition centered around the book comprised of painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptors, designers, and directors currently living and working in California, including works by Giant’s own RJ Shaughnessy, and Emily Shur. Curated by THIS Gallery co-owner, the late Justin Van Hoy, Milk and Honey showcases the amazing network of friends he was constantly cultivating.

Opening reception: Friday August 7 from 6-10pm RSVP required

Exhibition dates: August 7 – September 4


August 6, 2015

Luke Pelletier Tourist Seizin’ | New Image Art Gallery

Liz rice McCray

Tourist Seizin’

A solo-exhibition by Luke Pelletier

August 8th

Opening Reception Saturday, August 8th, 2015

7pm – 10pm

7920 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90046


After living and going to school in Chicago for a few years, Luke Pelletier went back to his rural-tourist-driven-hometown, Brevard, North Carolina, for a few months to make the work for his first solo in over three years. Living in a tourist town for much of his life, he has been heavily influenced by seasonal economies, as well as the multi-level relationships, dependence and resentment, between tourists and locals. Much of Luke’s art blurs the lines between celebrating and condemning a culture that agrees to be taken advantage of while it takes advantage of others. His art is filled with personal anecdotes, dark humor, dualities, contradictions, repetition, and scenes of paradise that are simultaneously pristine and decaying. In his first solo show in LA, Tourist Seizin’, Luke Pelletier uses photography, painting, sculpture, social practice, graphic design, writing, and craft to riff on his moral dilemmas with romance, objectification, labor, competition, tourist culture, capitalism, addiction, free will, masculinity, fun, and Americana.


August 5, 2015

TABLEAU a solo exhibition by Rose Eken – opening Friday 14.08.15

Liz rice McCray




A solo exhibition by Rose Eken

OPENING: THURSDAY AUGUST 14. 2015. TIME: 17.00 – 22.00
- ARTIST TALK: AUGUST 28 FROM 16.00 -17.30*

Tableau is a new large-scale ceramic installation by Rose Eken. Through an extensive research period Eken corresponded with contemporary artists around the world and received photos of their studios, working tables and tools of the trade. Based on the material Eken has created a large meta studio in ceramics – a fictional atelier – where every object refers back to a specific artist’s practice and working environment. The collected installation transcends the individual artist and speaks to our general notion of how art is produced and experienced, the artist’s role and our perception of the art world. Tableau mimics our collective idea of what the artist’s studio should be, but at the same time it also challenges the very same notion; the atelier as being a mystical and almost sacred place for creation. In Rose’s Tableau the studio is also a workspace where things are organized according to routines, personality and practice. A lab for creation that reflects both inspiration and labour.

In Eken’s studio you find Richard Colman’s coffee mug filled with pens and pencils, on the side of the mug an image of a crab and the text “DON’T BOTHER ME – I’M CRABBY. Jonathan Meese’s collection of kids musical boxes. John Copeland’s spatula stained with his signature palet, his collection of vintage Playboy magazines and old axe. Michael Kvium’s taxidermied magpie. Fryd Frydendahl’s Canon EOS D5 Camera. Wes Lang’s collection of old wooden tobacco pipes. Erik Parker’s transparent buckets of ingenious labeled paint with titles such as “REAL TRUTH SHADOW” and “UP THE BEACH”. Eken’s own worn out boots, paint splattered jacket and containers of ceramic glaze.

Tableau is Rose Eken’s largest installation to date. Comprised of hundreds of ceramic objects; brushes, buckets of paint, box cutters, towers of tape, clusters of books and magazines, half finished cups of coffee, cigarette butts, ghetto blasters, laptops, Iphones and all the small personal effects we bring into our workspace to inspire, remind us of something or make us smile.

Rose Eken was born in Denmark (1976) and graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2003. She received critical praise for her recent solo exhibition Remain In The Light at The Hole gallery in New York. Her first work from the “Tableau series” was acquired by ARoS museum of art in the summer of 2015. A new publication documenting the process and exhibition will be released to coincide with Tableau. Rose Eken would like to thank the following artists for inspiration and for sharing their studios: Michelle Grabner, Erwin Wurm, Søren Behncke, Joakim Ojanen, Ivan Andersen, Mikael Swaney, Richard Colman, Shane Bradford, Jonathan Meese, Eske Kath, Julie Nord, HuskMitNavn, Hartmut Stockter, Andreas Schulenburg, Kaspar Bonnén, Chloe Piene Studio, Maiken Bendt, Cecily Brown, John Copeland, Graham Dolphin, Alexander Tovborg, Morten Schelde, Michael Kvium, Wes Lang, Fryd Frydendahl, Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Kristian Devantier, Erik Parker, Fischli & Weiss, Jackson Pollock and Joan Miró.

We look forward to seeing you.
V1 Gallery


*Artist “Studio Talk”. Rose Eken and writer and art collector Jens-Peter Brask talk about the artist’s studio in relation to the exhibition and Brask’s latest book Brask Studio Visits.

** August 04.08.15 – 28.08.15 “Girls Night Out” storefront installation at Holly Golightly, Gammel Mønt 2, Copenhagen.

Chart 21.08.15 – 23.08.15: New works by John Copeland, Rose Eken, Thomas Campbell, Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Milosz Odobrovic and Hesselholdt & Mejlvang.

ICY D.O.T. SIGNS ||Steve Powers

Liz rice McCray


For the month of August, “ICY SIGNS,” a temporary public art signage project, will be presented on street light poles along the Summer Streets route. Inspired by traditional hand-painted signs, artist Steve Powers’ installation uses the common sign to overstate its importance as a tool to guide us through the hectic world around us. Powers’ signs are an emotional wayfinding system used to compliment the traditional directional signs that guide and caution us at every turn. These signs speak to Summer Streets participants about love and life for a brief moment, directing everyone to navigate not only the city streets, but our interior alleys and avenues.


The signs depict ideas as logotypes, pictographs and communication devices as old as human expression. The sign with a pillow that reads “Home At Last,” represents a sentiment all New Yorkers can relate to after a long day of navigating around the City. The sign with a lighthouse that says ‘You,’ with its light shining on ‘Me,’ holds meaning for anyone that needs someone. “ICY SIGNS” are meant to be read, pondered, wondered about, understood or dismissed as confusing. Powers reminds Summer Streets participants that art is about finding a way, and signs are about showing the way, and where those ways meet is where “ICY SIGNS”


In total, thirty signs will be exhibited at four of the Summer Streets rest stops: Midtown at 25th Street and Park Avenue, Astor Place at Astor Place and Lafayette Street, SoHo at Spring Street and Lafayette Street, with the majority featured at Foley Square at Duane Street and Centre Street. Each individual sign was produced at DOT’s own Sign Shop in Maspeth, Queens and installed by DOT Borough Engineers.


‘s – Matthew Kuborn

 mailing address is:
ICY Signs
72 4th Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11217

August 4, 2015

“lay your weapons down” by artist faith47

Liz rice McCray

a new wall in new york titled “lay your weapons down” by faith47
thanks to @wanderlustflaneur for making it happen.

faith47 - lay your weapons down, 1 nyc 2015faith47 - lay your weapons down, nyc 2015 faith47 - lay your weapons down, 2 nyc 2015

July 25, 2015


Liz rice McCray




Hours during shows:
Wednesday thru Saturday: 12 – 7pm
Sunday: 12 – 6pm

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Catalog available at:


Liz rice McCray


July 24, 2015

“They Will Skate Again” :: Life Rolls On with Ezekiel, Active Ride Shop, Wax Mag & Society6


Who: Life Rolls On, Ezekiel, Active Ride Shop, Wax Mag & Society6

What: Skate Event with “Life Rolls On” and after party at Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach

Where: Venice Beach Skate Park

When: Saturday, July 25th, 9a.m. – 4p.m. & after party @ Hotel Erwin, 4:30p.m. – 7p.m.



Liz rice McCray


Please join for the release of the first volume of FLOUNDER, six issues of zine featuring Sage Vaughn, Keegan Gibbs, Brendan Lynch, Bill McRight, Theo Niarchos, Eddie Ruscha and Charlie Smith.

6 8 1 7 x Sage Vaughn

zine launch + works

limited editions

Saturday, July 25th, 7-9 pm

6817 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90038



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