words & photos / michael custodio

Tucked away in the hills of San Clemente, there is a special place where skaters congregate at 7:30 PM on the dot daily. This place doesn’t have clocks like Las Vegas, and it’s all for good measure. The goal is simple – to skate, have a good time and lose track of all the worries and stresses that each person holds. The energy is contagious, the place is usually swept or mopped before the session, and the grip as you transfer from concrete to wood doesn’t go unnoticed. On any given night you can hear Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” christening the session and The O’Jays to round things out. The average passerby would question what the heck is going on in this building. From the cases of Redbull to the empty boxes of pizza, you’d think a party was happening each night. Instead, you will find a diverse group of skaters and creatives that simply gather out of passion and the equal love for skateboarding.

The Sandlot inspires me. Walking through those doors leaving all real life problems outside in the cold on those brisk winter nights in playa El San Clemente. I get slight anxiety but just enough to hop on my board and immediately want to push myself to be better than I was. My brain starts going through the rolodex on what I can do that I have never done before. I usually show up without skating for a long time in between. I think I should stretch but I can’t because I’m too excited and I have all this energy in me that needs to be let out – so I go. I push weird, I slam ungracefully but sometimes I land some things that have been on my mind, so that’s nice. Some battles are unfinished but that’s only because I can’t feel my legs, so that’s when I go home because it’s way past my bedtime. Speaking of which, let’s go there tonight when we get off work! I got some things on my mind, ha!” – Tyler Hendley

The Sandlot is a place of freedom for me! It’s a safe place to get gnarly.” – Ryan Sheckler

It’s the best place to just chill with the homies and clear my head of all the everyday stress I have to deal with.” – Brandon Turner

Home away from home. Where nothing else matters but a fun session with the homies.” – Chris Wilks