interview & photos / bob plumb

So give us the low down, where are you from?
I was born in Salt Lake City, UT and grew up just up the canyon in Park City.

How did you find snowboarding?
I found snowboarding mostly because of my brother Zach. He and his homies had been skating and snowboarding for a while by the time I was a little grommie. I learned to ski at a pretty young age and remember trying out for the ski racing team when I was five years old, and I hated following the teachers around and would always break off from the pack and try and hit all the side hits on the side of the hill. To make a long story short, I didn’t make the team and always wanted to try snowboarding because my brother did it. I actually learned how to snowboard at Mammoth Mountain in California while my brother was competing at a snowboard contest there at the time. Then, I did both for a bit and kept skiing less and less every season because I liked snowboarding better. Then, I remember the Olympics coming to SLC in 2002 and my parents got my brother and I tickets to the men’s snowboard halfpipe. Watching the dudes ride in that contest had a huge impact on my as a little guy and I think I put the skis away forever after that. From then on snowboarding consumed my life, and I can’t imagine life any other way.

Who stood out for you that Olympics? Should Team USA have gone 1st, 2nd and 3rd?
Yeah, I think the USA dudes shined in that contest, I remember Ross Powers going so big. But honestly, the dudes that stood out the most for me was Danny Kass and Heikki Sorsa because of his badass mohawk.

Haha, yes, Heikki was insane at that contest. Sounds like that contest influenced you a lot, did you compete?
Yeah, they definitely did. I loved watching X Games and US Open’s when I was a grommie. I competed from when I was about nine till about 15 or 16. I am so glad I grew up competing since I got to make so many amazing friends all around the west, but it eventually started giving me too much anxiety and I started to not enjoy it as I got a bit older.

Did you have crew that you would go to the contest with?
Our USASA contest region was pretty big compared to most places, I think it included Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. So I ended up meeting Sam Taxwood, Sage and Blaze Kotsenburg, Blake Paul and Cam Fitzpatrick from a super young age. Then when we started doing a bit bigger contests I eventually met the Warbington brothers, Ben Ferguson and too many friends to list. We ended up going to contests with James Jackson and all traveling together. We always had more fun riding around the resort before and after the contest, which eventually led most of us to stop competing.

Was this the birth of Lick the Cat?
Um… not fully, most of us stopped competing since we were heavily influenced by snowboard movies and magazines. My brother had integrated snowboard movies into my life from a pretty early age, and due to growing up near SLC there is a pretty big snowboard scene outside of the contest world. So we all just started riding Park City and eventually met Jeremy Thornburg, aka Jerm, who started making these random handy-cam edits for fun and they ended up getting quite popular. I just think he did an awesome job of capturing everyone just having fun, and when we all get together awesome and comical things manifest.

So what’s up with Lick the Cat? Are you guys really making a movie?
We are flying by the seat of our pants, but we are trying, haha. Hopefully the movie will be pretty entertaining.

I mean let’s be honest, is Jerm capable of making a movie?
Jerm has actually been really impressing me this season, especially outside of filming. He is so motivated and knows how to get everyone rallying even when we are all burnt out. Sage and Jerm together are the power duo, and aren’t scared to pull the trigger on crazy ideas and trips. Let’s be honest, trying to organize all of our stubborn asses around isn’t easy.

Haha true! Who’s in the movie?
The main roster is Sage Kotsenburg, Zak Hale, Nils Mindnich, Max and Gus Warbington, Spencer Schubert, Sam Taxwood, Mike Bogs, and myself. Hopefully Blake Paul and Ben Bilodeau grace us with their presence soon.

Do you have any good stories this year from going on trips with all those guys? Seems like a lot of people to have on a trip.
I could go on forever: like crazy nights in Tokyo, exploring crazy small towns in the Italian Alps, Euro Spas, drunken mishaps, spontaneous bailing, broken down vans and many more. This has definitely been a winter I will never forget, I feel very fortunate getting the opportunity to travel the world to go snowboarding with my best friends. WHATTA TRIP! Oh yeah, we roll deep, probably not the most productive way to film a snowboard video, but it sure is a good time!

Sounds like good times. How is the backcountry scene? How many guys have you seen hit the same jump?
Backcountry scene can be pretty ridiculous, I see it as us just getting better at landing since you only have like one or two tries, because if you don’t land the first try you might have to wait for 6 dudes to hit the jump before you get another shot, haha.

Damn, one and done. How do you fit into the mix? Are you hitting these jumps? Are you getting these guys out split boarding with you? Are they getting you back on the steel?
I have been trying to get in the mix, I am definitely not the best at hitting cheese wedges and they aren’t on my top priorities but it has been super fun nonetheless. So rad watching Sage and Nils, those two are wedge gods, they never fall! Sometimes, most of the dudes are bit too lazy to come out on the split, but Nils will occasionally come out with me, he’s actually the person who took me on my first tour. The boys get a bit distracted by the wedges, but to each there own! We are all so different in our snowboarding pursuits but I think that’s what is so special about our crew, it is quite the eclectic bunch. I was born on the steel baby! Always down for some jibbin.’

Any more trips on the horizon? Wait… come to think about it, who’s paying for all these trips?
We are heading to Norway for a Nitro Snowboards trip in April that should be pretty fun! More like a life trip with pretty snowboarding in it! Quiksilver and Nitro Snowboards have been fronting the bill! Couldn’t do it without em! And also, thanks to Bob for putting up with our shit and bailing on other snowboarders to come shoot photos of our dumbasses.