reviews – rob molt

Earthless / Black Heaven / Nuclear Blast
Walking through downtown San Diego, you inform your new skater friend what life was like back on your planet before the interstellar termites ate it, and how you and your now ex-star babe were the only ones to escape. Approaching an old warehouse, which has been converted into an inclusive art space, you feel comfortable entering, being… you know, blue and all. Liquid lightshows are projected on the walls, making the room feel like the inside of a multicolored lava lamp. The skater kid stole your space dust and is now trying to sell it. Three longhairs take the stage and rip into eight minutes of wa-wa, pedal-driven guitar mastery. A perfect long-form psychedelic rock song. The drummer is incredible as the jam gains in speed and intensity, all held down by in-the-pocket bass lines. The band has introduced vocals on their newer songs and everyone is digging it. After the set you ask the guys if they’ve ever toured on other planets, they say no but are totally game. After being notified the ship is ready, it’s loaded up with copies of the new record. Comfortably reaching light speed and with San Diego far behind, they tell you the name of their outfit is Earthless.