reviews – rob molt

Low Volts / Roam With You / Self-Released
With the droids doing repairs on the space cruiser, you and your star girl reach the San Diego waterfront. It’s a hive of sailors, cowboys and bikers; the sensor readings indicate high levels of beer and tequila in the air. Intrigued by the swinging bluesy beat coming from a saloon, you enter to try your first drink on this planet. The bartender looks at you oddly as he hands over two strong margaritas. This is when you get your first look at Earth girls; they look so beautiful swaying to the steady beat of a lone leather clad crooner, who stands behind a kick drum. The women clap in unison from the dirty slide guitar of the black hat wearing Low Volts. He commands the room with songs of drifting loners, heart breakers and knife wielders. It’s impressive how one man can make the music of three, and that’s what he’s known for. Unfortunately for you, he’s got the attention of your space babe and you’re about to lose her…