Q&A with Mizu Advocate Jeremy Jones

Hidden deep in the woods of Utah, there’s a spot, formally known as THE SPOT, where a handful of the world’s best snowboarders inhabit before the actual snow season takes off. It’s a group of friends that have been making this annual pilgrimage for almost 15 years straight now. It’s become a ritual of sorts, full of hard work and preseason practice. If you get the invite, be prepared to do your part, as everyone is expected to lend a hand; clearing the ground, building jumps, jibs and rails or simply cutting firewood, it’s the camaraderie of it all that’s makes this place so special. It’s a group of likeminded professionals that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the name of progressing themselves and the sport of snowboarding. We had the Mizu crew catch up with Jeremy Jones to get the full breakdown of what really goes down at “The Spot” and why these guys to continue to come back year after year.

What’s up man, how’s your winter going so far?
It’s good. I mean, the snow was pretty slim at the beginning of the season here in Utah and I am still rehabbing from broken legs this past January. But I have been getting to the hill, helping my friends film for their video parts, taking some avalanche courses and wrapping my brain around shredding again.

 Tell us a bit about your injury last season, how recovery has been, and if/how that accident changed your mindset going into this winter.
My mindset right now is to just get back at it (snowboarding). Ya know, the avalanche I was in, it was intense and a lot happened that could have broken me mentally and physically. I’ve had so much support from family, friends and fans over the past year. To let that happen though, I have to not only come back to the board for myself, but also out of respect and to feel deserving of such insane love and support that has come my way.

For those who don’t already know, what is “The Spot?” Tell us a bit about the place and how it came to be the most epic preseason spot in the country.
Seth Huot, JP Walker, myself and a few others started setting up pre-season jibs in the woods about 14 years ago. We would work the ground clear of rocks in the fall and clean up all the deadfall, have fires and rip rails and features we would create when the tide was low. It was our way of kicking off the season when we couldn’t quite get after it yet in the valleys or in the backcountry to get down on cliffs, jumps and natty features.

Who puts in all the hard work?
If you’re there then you are grinding. That’s the deal. Nobody rides for free and it’s a lot of work, so kids have dropped off quick after a time or two up there because they hate the workload. On the day-to-day it’s myself, JP, Seth and Blair McKinney. This season has been JP and Blair! Seth has been hustling for his day job and my injured leg needs more rest days right now.

How would you say the spot has influenced your riding?
I think it’s made it possible for me to pull off what I have in my career. We practice our tricks and learn new ones in a controlled environment that thrives on progression and friends. I would say it been my basecoat for every season since we started it.

What’s your favorite thing about spending time there?
Same as above, good vibes, a crew that I love dearly and feel the best around. We take our computers and work there sometimes and support each other in our work. We film each other, photograph each other, eat, make fires, camp, throw knives and practice survival skills, it’s the perfect place for marinating on ideas and putting them to the test.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever gone down at “The Spot?”
Many of the industry’s never-been-done’s were practiced and developed at The Spot. I’d say the loop was one of our craziest builds though.

We’ve noticed a lot of killer shots on @_Thespot_ Instagram. Is shooting photo and video another passion of yours? Would you say your snowboarding career has taught you a lot about being behind the lens?
Yeah, absolutely! Watching the filmer and talking with the photographers throughout my career, we discuss how angles might look and work together to get the shot. You can learn a lot about shooting if you ask, listen and pay a little attention.

Aside from The Spot, what’s your favorite place to ride on any given day?
Brighton Resort, without question.

What are your plans for the rest of the winter?
Finish this rehab, get back on the board, and try to knock out a short later season part at Brighton and in SLC.

Any words of advice for others recovering from an injury right now?
I tell myself every single day many, many times to be patient and don’t stop grinding. That’s all I can say right now, I mean, I’m in it deep right now and the only way out is to stay as healthy as possible until I’m completely out of the woods. I just need to keep my claws hooked in so I can get out.

Lastly, what Mizu products do you keep on hand at The Spot?
The V10 for my Bangal Spice Tea (official The Spot tea), V8 to hold my water and I have the Cutlery Set on hand at all times as well. We chef the impossible up there over that fire!

Thanks man.
Thank you.