The female form and notions of femininity are a continuous focal point in my work as are physical, emotional, mental and allegorical transformations. Creating a narrative with this body of work I am exploring ideas of sexual freedom, shattered inhibitions, and bliss, as they can be related to: anonymity, chemical intervention and altered or obscured identity. In addition I am interested in the consequences of dependence upon outside sources for solutions to internal problems. My subject is a science fiction mythology I have created about Astrobunnies and Astrokitties. They are parasitic alien creatures that feed off of our ill feelings and excrete orgasmic bliss and a sense of freedom into our systems as they process our varied pains, fears and malice. The Astrobunnies come to Earth and they are creating a solution (however flawed) to our experience of our negative emotions and the consequences. It’s an outside, quick, easy, and strange solution to what runs through nearly all of us to some degree. So what happens if they leave? And what is the ultimate solution? I don’t believe there is one easy fix to the issue of fear, suffering and its consequences. Though, I am interested in possible ways to alleviate fear, how it ties into identity vs. anonymity, and its effects on female sexuality.

This also speaks to concepts of identity as it relates to assimilation and its effects. The Astrobunnies come to Earth and bring with them their culture of orgasmic bliss, and beauty. They forcefully eradicate any sort of negativity on Earth for their own selfish ends, by literally feeding off of us, the civilization that they are colonizing. The Astrokitties then come and are trying to take over (also using our bodies as hosts to better battle the Astrobunnies). But the culture of orgasmic bliss is so powerful that it is affecting the Astrokitties as well and is altering their battle methods and states of mind. Instead of fighting to the death, they begin to just wrestle and radiate.



Astrobunnies are transient parasitic creatures from outer space that travel around in rainbow light pods. They’ve decided to land and take up residence on our planet. Latching onto our heads and feeding off of our fears, our feelings of self loathing, and hatred, which they then process and use to produce a chemical that dumps into our system. This chemical causes us to feel peaceful, blissed out, and sometimes results in the host experiencing spontaneous orgasms.


The Astrobunnies can’t feel anything on their own, that’s why they need a host; in feeding on us they feel what we feel, good and bad. Over time, as they feed on us, our inherent emotions begin to fade, though we still experience the effects of the chemical.


In addition to wiping out our fears and negative emotions the Astrobunnies turn everyone into women. They feel that they’re doing us a favor. Based on their apparent attraction to the female form, they think everyone would look better as a lady.


As they further populate the Earth the world begins to transform as well, becoming more and more magical, reflecting the blissed out orgasmic state of it’s citizens. Sadly though, if the Astrobunnies were to leave us and move on to another planet, we would all die. As they’ve been feeding off of us we’ve come to be dependent on them as well, but to a greater degree. In draining the world of any sort of fear, pain or hatred and its consequences, everything’s been thrown off to such a degree that it cannot hold without the bunnies maintaining the balance. After they leave us we’re left as empty shells, wandering around aimlessly until we die from hunger and exhaustion because we lack the will to care for ourselves without any fear, joy, or anything in between, to drive us. But there is a bleak sort of hope in sight with the arrival of the Astrokitties, the Astrobunnies now have a rival, a predator, something or someone who might keep them in check.