interview / liz rice mccray

Courtney Heather’s admiration for the mainstream media has been a large influence on her work. Similar to the effect music, novels, and cinema have, she is interested in that which distracts us from the mundane world. Since pleasure can only last so long these distractions persuade us to replay them infinitely, provoking further pleasure with each repetition.

Heather was raised in California, which she describes as an ideal setting that both allures and deceives. Most recently she studied an MA in Fine Art and has exhibited in various spaces across London. Many thank to Courtney Heather for taking the time to answer our questions. Make sure and check out more of her art at

Perhaps you could describe where you are right now?
I am currently in my home, having a cup of tea and listening to Flora Cash as I type this.

Now that we have a visual, will you please introduce yourself to our reader, a little synopsis if you will?
My name is Courtney Heather and I am an artist. My paintings are referenced from video stills, influenced by the allure of the familiar and the unknown. Being raised in Southern California suburbia plays a role in my works, where there’s an infatuation with glamour. Similar to films, music, and literature, I create a copy of this idealization through painting.

What mediums do you mainly work with?
I paint with acrylics on canvas.

How would you describe your style?
I would say something like… stylized photo-realism abstraction? You can make out what the image is, but some parts are kind of like fillers and, “what’s that?”

What are some of your consistent influences?
Places and people. I find myself observing my surroundings and just seeing how everyone is reacting to the environment. Also, any entertainment media and pop culture.

What drives you most to create? 
I’ve always been inspired by various types of artists and their work; whether it be musicians, authors, film makers, etc. That feeling of being excited to see their new stuff because I’m such a fan of theirs and admire their artistry… I try to do that with myself and see what else I can do.

What are you currently working on?
I’ve been painting a lot of foods lately. I’m looking through footage I have of crowds at events I was at recently as well. I’m also dabbling with a bit of background digital painting on my down time.

And lastly, where can people check out your art?
My website,, Instagram @courtney__heather and at Wallspace Gallery in Los Angeles, CA or GX Gallery in London, UK.