interview & photos / scotty arnold

What project did you work on this past winter? 
The movie is called Pepper. It was a super fun project with a lot of close friends that turned out so good. If interested, check it out on iTunes!

What signature items have you been working on with your sponsors and who are your sponsors?
I have a handful of great brands that I have worked with for a long time: Billabong, Monster, Salomon, Anon, Arcade, Crab Grab, Cobra Dogs, Magical GoGo, Milosport, and Brighton. I get to work with Billabong on a signature line of product from high-end outerwear down to street wear. It turned out great this year! It’s the Bode Merrill collection on I have a board with Salomon called the Ultimate Ride. It’s the best board I’ve ever ridden! It just won the Black Board experiment with Scotty James on Anon let me design a pair of goggles for the last few years too. They are sick! It comes with the craziest magnetic lens technology and magnetic facemask integration. It’s super high tech and works incredible. Also, I have a pair of Leather mitts called the “Man Hands” from Crab Grab.

Many people refer to you as the best snowboarder in the world right now, would you agree?
That’s very flattering and I’m honored if people really think that but definitely not… I have worked really hard and I have a great resilience for taking a beating, so I try things a million times until I either get a shot or I get hurt… but as far as talent and style go, I’d say I’m far from the best.

Who are your favorite snowboarders and why?
That’s a hard question! I mean, I have favorites of all time, favorites of recent years, favorite up-and-coming kids, favorite washed-up old guys like yourself… Haha, just kidding, you’re not that old yet. Nils is my favorite young powder buck right now. The Forum 8 had the most influence on me as a child and will always be my favorites. Danny D is my favorite pipe rider. Everything Louif does on a snowboard is god like. But my favorites usually are just my friends that I ride with most of the time. Real-life inspiration goes further than anything.

Tell us about the events that you throw and why it’s important for you to put on contests that are more about fun?
I just wanted to start an event so my friends could all ride a mini pipe together and have a good time. Over the years it’s snowballed into a legit series with multiple events and we get a lot of play out of them. There’s the Mini Pipe Invitational at High Cascade in the summer and the Quarter Pipe Classic at Brighton in the spring. They are still super fun and gratifying to host!

You are kind of a one-foot god, do you think to one-up yourself you will start doing tricks with no feet strapped in?
Probably not… Maybe a couple, I don’t know. I’m trying to stay strapped in more these days.

Where do you see snowboarding going in the next ten years?
Hopefully it starts growing again! The industry is hurting even though more and more people are snowboarding. Hopefully less corks and more style. Hopefully more inspiring snowboard films!

What is your plan for the upcoming season?
It’s still in the works, not 100% sure yet.

Where can people find out more about Bode?

You have an uncanny ability to remember movie quotes and song lyrics, does this skill help you in your snowboarding at all?
It helps me laugh at myself. Maybe that teaches me humility and that could transfer to looking stupid on my snowboard most of the time?

How many corks are too much?
We have already reached that point. If you have to rewind to count the numbers of rotations it’s probably too much.

How do you feel about the Olympics in snowboarding?
I’m indifferent. I don’t like how it portrays snowboarding and snowboarders. I like that it helps put money into the sport, which is currently struggling. So there is good and bad about it.