Alright dude, here we go. Let’s start with the basics, every cliché question asked. How did you get into photography?
Well I shot my first photo in a photo class I took in high school. Basically we made a pinhole camera out of cardboard and I used that to shoot my first photo with. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on photography.

That’s rad. Do you still have that photo?
I wish I did. I think my mom threw it away.

So when you were first introduced to photography were you immediately shooting skateboarding?
I would have fun shooting school projects, my friends and family. I started shooting skateboarding once I graduated high school.

You’re pretty big on shooting film. Do you prefer to shoot film over digital?
I like to shoot film for fun and pleasure but when I’m obviously shooting a serious trick I shoot digital. Film is definitely more fun because I’m not having to look at the back of my camera as much and I love printing in the dark room.

Let’s get tech! What are your favorite film stocks?
I would say Kodak 125px. It’s a film stock that Kodak discontinued a while back, but when I could get my hands on it I would shoot it all day.

So what about skateboarding caught your attention? Why shoot this? How did you get into skating?
I got into skating pretty young – my older brother skated. Once my cousins started skating I just started to skate with them. They showed me my first video “Baker 3” and I started to skate middle school through high school. I don’t skate that much anymore, I’ll cruise around every once in a while. I ate too much shit during my high school year, haha.

So what’s your ethnicity again?
I am 100% Jordanian, but I was born out here though.

So what gets you stoked to shoot nowadays?
Well whenever I find good lighting or a good composition to be made I get stoked. Also a new spot is always fun to shoot at.

What have you been working on?
I’m always shooting skateboarding but lately I’ve been shooting some travel stuff during all these trips I’ve been going with my friends. I’ve also been shooting some music as of lately and some rad bands. Most of all I’ve been shooting with you a lot while you’re working on the video project with the kids Ryan, Joe and John. That’s pretty much my main focus right now skating wise – it’s coming out great.

Pawnshop? How did you start hanging out with these dudes?
Well I’ve been shooting the kids now for a while. They would introduce me to some of the other riders. We would go on missions every once in a while. Eventually I started hanging out at the shop every once in a while where I met the owner AP (Anthony Piscopo). He’s helped me out a lot and given me plenty of advice. Everyone over there is rad, all good homies for sure.

So going back to the photo stuff… who are your favorites out right now, and who inspires you and your work?
I would say Glenn E. Friedman, Grant Brittain and Anthony Acosta

You’re pretty big on music. What are some of the bands and artists are you into right now?
Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Soft Kill, Ariel Pink, Shit Kid, Guantanamo Baywatch, Ducktails and there’s too many rad bands to name off. I’ll listen to most genres of music honestly.

Pet peeves?
Bad drivers and concerned citizens at skate spots.

I know you got some lingo, right?
I say “oh yeah” a lot. Haha. Say we eat a good meal that’s “Killswitch.” I also say “gold” a lot too, haha.

Where is Razy headed?
Try to keep having as much fun as possible. I will continue to shoot skateboarding. I also would love to start shooting more travel and music in the future as well.