photos / scotty arnold
words / ted borland

What can I say about the Bone Zone that hasn’t already been said? A lot of people know the basics – we used to be a little DIY preseason park in Guardsman’s Pass in Utah. We made edits and eventually got the boot from the canyon cops. Now we’re at Brighton Resort, we’re a little older and our park is a little more polished. We still film a lot of snowboarding, some of our friends are pro boarders now, while others have real jobs. But the overall vibe is still the same, for me at least: It’s pure stoke and love for snowboarding. You can say all you want about what it was and what it continues to be, but when you really break everything down the Bone Zone goes down in the first month or two of the winter. At that point of the year, everything fucking rules about snowboarding. You don’t care that the conditions suck or that your gear is getting thrashed, because it’s sure as hell better than not snowboarding!


The simplest of tricks can gather hoots and hollers from throughout The Zone. Tricks get harder, people start going for it a little more and the sessions escalate into full-on demos pretty quick. It’s crazy how much things can progress up there. It’s even become kind of a video part warmup for a lot of dudes at this point. You can go up there to get your tricks dialed or whatever, or you can just go up and hang. The whole vibe is just awesome. There are some really rad people that hang out up there, including everyone from Grenier and Bode down to small, little middle-school crews of kids teaching each other how to build jumps. Somehow it spreads outside the physical boundaries of The Zone too. We can post an Instagram photo of a dusting of snow on the ground next to a tiny little rail and it’ll get more likes and views than if I were to post the ender of my video part!

The feeling I get knowing that our group of homies is getting people around the country juiced to go snowboarding is indescribable. I’m honestly honored to have a place like this in snowboarding. I look forward to these days just as much as looking forward to the deepest powder days of the year. I’d also like to thank anyone that’s ever come up and ridden The Zone, helped build, poached, or just watched something from here – it all contributes to the hype of early season snowboarding. This shit ain’t rocket science up here. We’re just going up to the mountains, getting fired up for winter and building things that we think would be fun to snowboard on. Snowboarding is the shit and I’m glad that places like the Bone Zone can exist to help people realize how fun it can be to go mess around with their friends!