JOSH GOMEZ PROFILE interview / aaron gomez // photos / brandon alton & will fisher How’s your day going? Pretty good man, just eating an acai bowl and watching the Andrew Reynolds’ 9 Club episode. Let’s start with the basic

AUGUST 2017 | #120

Mizu Mission: Africa with Julian & Joaquin Azulay words / maggie magellan On August 14, 2010, Julian and Joaquin Azulay returned home to their native country of Argentina after camping and surfing their way across the Americas. It may seem

Left points. How can a country be so biased? What did the right ever do to you? Even on north swells the rights don’t even show their face. No one minds though. Not Cam, Eric or Diz. A chance for

DO RADICAL X DaKine The Do Radical Collection is inspired by Hannah Eddy’s spontaneous lifestyle of traveling in search of snow, waves, and skate parks. In the Radical Roamer, her tiny home on wheels, Hannah is on a mission to

I’m always curious where people are at the present time that we interview them…will you describe where you are right now? This way everyone reading along can imagine the setting. I am sitting on a stool in Milk and Honey

The Draculas – POW! WOW! Long Beach (2017) from Sickboat Creative on Vimeo. Lurking long into the night, The Draculas, a Southern California-based duo comprised of artists Jeff McMillan and Gary Musgrave; bring back the mysterium and fun to the

AUGUST 2017 SUPER TASTE Model: Kayla Garvin • @kaylajeangarvin Agency: Factor Chosen LA • @factorchosen_la Photography: Dominic Petruzzi • @dominicpetruzzi