words / jeremy thornburg // photos / bob plumb

En route to Mt. Hood, Oregon, for the fourth annual LTC signature session at High Cascade, some of the crew stopped at the City of Rocks in Idaho for Griffin Siebert to maximize his rock climbing time before his inevitable shoulder surgery he had to get on the last day of the session. With Griff navigating the caravan, we took the least-efficient route possible but eventually arrived to Government Camp and met up with the rest of the crew. It had been quite a bit since we had everyone together, but somehow we managed to get 12 of us to camp for the session and we all piled into one condo.

The second day of the trip our photographer (and Mt. Hood rookie) thought it was a weather day, and together with Griff’s preference for climbing over snowboarding we lost part of the crew on what turned out to be the nicest day on the glacier of the entire session. Off-hill activities highlighted the entire week with everyone’s performance in dodgeball, except for Griff and Spencer Schubert who chose not to play. The slackline over the foampit featured many falls and quite a few makes, and we were lucky enough to watch Bob Plumb (Lizard King’s brother) put on a demo in the bowl!

With the session occurring in the beginning of the summer after a great winter for Mt. Hood, there was an insane amount of snow for everyone to rip on, and that provided opportunity for the diggers to build an amazing park for our session. The on-hill highlight would have to be either the multiple pipe sessions or the big jump on the last day of the session. Everyone was ripping in the pipe, which is always weird to see because no one in LTC really ever rides pipe anymore but somehow they can all still do it, including Sage Kotsenburg who was chucking front 10s in the pipe even when I wasn’t ready to film it, which was my bad.

The big jump was big this year and no one was messing with it all session until the last day where we went straight to it. Everyone was in on the session and it really reminded me about how LTC started – just having fun and snowboarding with your friend. It was the best session because it was pretty much just us over on that side of the park sessioning the jump for the majority of the day. It was great to see the crew having so much fun throughout the session, even when Griff bailed on the entire crew again to summit the peak of Mt. Hood. Everyone was highly critical of the validity of Griff making the summit, as he took not just one but two chairlifts up the majority of the mountain making it incredibly easier. All in all it was one of the best weeks I’ve had snowboarding in a long time, and I can’t wait to go on our next trip!