interview / aaron gomez // photos / brandon alton & will fisher

How’s your day going?
Pretty good man, just eating an acai bowl and watching the Andrew Reynolds’ 9 Club episode.

Let’s start with the basic stuff: your name, age, hometown, sponsors? 
Josh Gomez, I’m 23 years old and I was born in Long Beach, California. I ride for Furnace Skate Shop, DVS, Grizzly, Bones, Royal, Dema, and Plan B (flow).

So you’re with Plan B, you must know Hoops, a.k.a. Dr. Purple Teeth. How’s it working with him?
Hoops is the man. Every day is a good day with that guy for sure. He’s got a lot of energy, always saying the funniest shit and always keeping me stoked to skate, gotta love him.

What’s the weirdest text you’ve ever received from Hoops?
Man, I honestly couldn’t tell you off the top of my head but he’s always screen-shotting me some funny shit he finds online somewhere. It’s hilarious, I’ll get a text at the most random time of the day and always just end up laughing out loud to whatever it is.

Do you hang out with a lot of guys on that team?
Sometimes we will meet up with different dudes like Torey or Filipe… or recently Jagger started coming into town and skate with us a bit. But I usually will meet up with Hoops on the weekdays and just skate with whoever meets up with us. But on the weekends it’s usually the same squad: Devin Lopez, Chris Lopez, Mikey Haywood, Dre Malone and Joslin… and TJ Rogers usually cruises out with us.

If you could have a dream sponsor, who would it be?
Maybe like a grocery store or something. I just buy a lot of food so I wouldn’t mind getting it all for free, haha.

We recently hung out at the Berrics for BATB 10, and I bet $5 that Sewa would take it and you bet $5 that Chris would take it. Congrats on that big win. What did you spend that on?
I knew that $5 was mine from the get go, buddy. But uh, I think I ended up using like three bucks at the vending machine inside the Berrics on some M&Ms and some other stuff.

Growing up in Long Beach, what was your go-to local park?
I grew up skating Eldorado Park in Long Beach (@thedoe_).

Who influenced your skating most?
This list could go for days but growing up I was watching Sierra Fellers, Windsor James, Tony Tave, Andrew Reynolds of course, and a lot of dudes that skated at Eldo; we had a lot of legends come out of that park for sure.

What’s the one trick you wish you had?
I always wished I could hardflip, but also a switch-back biggie would be nice to have.

Do you have any projects that are lined up?
Just finished up a little DVS project that should be coming out soon, and right now just filming, stacking up some stuff with Devin and Hoops and seeing where it goes from there.

If you weren’t skateboarding what would you be doing?
Running a brand, something to do with a business. I’ve always wanted to own my own company but I’ll eventually get to that.

Any advice for those kids who are trying to come up?
It’s just skateboarding, just have fun, create good memories with your homies and If you want to make it happen, you can – it’s really all on you and how much effort you put into it.

Shout outs? Final words?
Just thank you to Hoops at Plan B for hooking me with boards. You, Aaron at DVS Gomez fo life! Randy at Furnace Skate Shop, Jared at Bones wheels, Rudy Johnson at Royal trucks and all the bros: Dev, Lopes, Joslin, Dre, Mikey, Teeps my girlfriend Alysia for putting up with my shit, and my dad for being so supportive and giving me good advice. Oh shit, and of course BL!SSS mag for the opportunity