ART | Sierra Muehlhauser

I’m always curious where people are at the present time that we interview them…will you describe where you are right now? This way everyone reading along can imagine the setting.
I am sitting on a stool in Milk and Honey right now with my computer opened against a blackboard that has a large octopus with a mustache drawn on it in chalk. There is a nice patio with some lights and plant decor behind me. There are bagpipes in the song that is currently playing in this cafe.

Now that we have a visual, will you please introduce yourself to our reader, a little synopsis if you will.
My name is Sierra Muehlhauser and I am 18 years old. Some of the things that bring me a lot of happiness in life include the gang of cats that live in my house, rain/gloom, the myriad of existing bands, and all forms of artistic expression. I have lived the entirety of my life in the beautiful city that is Newport Beach and just graduated from CDM highschool here. I am very excited to be moving to Seattle this September where I will begin attending the University of Washington.

So, starting with the obvious. Why art?
Drawing has always been a fun past time for me and also served as a distraction that I could resort to in unfavorable situations over the years. I enjoy being able to flood an art project with emotion because it allows me to put the feelings somewhere without disturbing whoever or whatever is around.

What mediums do you mainly work with?
I normally use copic markers or prismacolor pencils for my projects.

What do you reference for your drawings? Past lives? graphic novels? Slasher films? high school :)?
My drawings mostly reference the way society inflicts pain on individuals and how individual pain in turn corrupts society. The styles and color in my art incorporate my own preferences and anything else that I feel visually compelled by (ex. Circuses, European architecture).

What are your consistent influences?
The natural beauty in the world and my personal worries often influence the subject matter in my art.

Last words?
It’s a really cool thing to share something I care about with other people. My friends and family have shown me a lot of support and I’m just really thankful for all the love.