Tim Senesi and YouTube channel .. Yoga with Tim!

Tim is local SoCal, very knowledgeable Yoga Instructor serving the OC Community and expanding his efforts to make yoga available to all.

Tim enjoys the Socal LIfestyle, he is an avid surfer, skater and yogi! He has over 150 YouTube videos. Yoga for Weight loss, Yoga for runners, Yoga for better sleep, Yoga for better posture, a 30 day yoga challenge…

Tim Senesi focuses on alignment and has over 10 years of experience. His yoga for stress and anxiety youtube video was recently named top yoga videos on 2016 by healthline.com


About Tim Senesi: After graduating San Diego State University, Tim Senesi began working on his Masters Degree in Medical Anthropology while starting his training within the Iyengar Method. Over the past ten years he has had the opportunity to study with some of the world’s most influential Iyengar Yoga teachers including Anna Delury, Manouso Manos, Megan Bellow, and Paul Cabanis.
Over the years, many students that unfortunately had been injured in a Vinyasa Yoga class began taking his classes. Most of the injuries were a direct result of moving in and out of poses too quickly, not properly educating movements or muscles, or simply not understand the importance of alignment. Immediately Tim saw that he had a unique opportunity to create something fresh, by taking his ideas from the Iyengar foundation and blending his own style of Vinyasa Flow.
In 2015 Tim became part of the Yoga Journal Conference teaching staff where he was asked to share his safe, educated and strong Vinyasa Flow classes. Aside from teaching full time for YogaWorks in Orange County, he also creates a weekly yoga class on YouTube which has an active community of over 80k students worldwide.
Tim truly enjoys connecting to his students by teaching the importance of alignment, how to gain strength and flexibility and how to properly move towards advanced postures. Make sure to check out his helpful website http://yogawithtim.com/