ART | Kellesimone Waits


Arizona’s Tieken Gallery and Perihelion Arts’ Curator Unite for Exhibition

Astrobunnies: The Visitation features more than 25 original pieces by California artist, Kellesimone Waits


Astrobunnies: The Visitation marks Kellesimone Waits first return to Phoenix since her 2010 Perihelion Arts exhibition, Natural Selection. Though Perihelion Arts no longer maintains one physical location, the gallery continues to present exhibitions and events in Phoenix, and worldwide, often working with partners that share a similar vision. For this exhibition, Tieken Studio & Gallery, located in scenic Paradise Valley, Arizona, was a perfect fit for this work. The gallery’s focus on exhibiting outstanding, and often edgy, contemporary work aligns with Perihelion’s focus.

Astrobunnies is a provocative exhibition that merges worlds. We follow the Astrobunnies’ exploration through various realms, from the geographical plane to outer space, in scenarios that blur the lines between the real and surreal. Waits describes the bunnies as “transient parasitic creatures from outer space that travel around in rainbow light pods who have decided to land and take up residence on our planet. Latching onto our heads and feeding off our fears, our feelings of self-loathing, and hatred, which they then process and use to produce chemical that dumps into our system. This chemical causes us to feel peaceful, blissed out, and sometimes results in the host experiencing spontaneous orgasms.”

From there, the images explore the female form, notions of femininity, and the relationship between chemical dependence and identity. Her blend of bold, vivid colors with astute line work brings these unusual and thought-provoking bunnies to life, with ample depth. Waits is continuously dedicated to exploring human fears and the related pains and solutions that accompany fear-based challenges.

The Oakland-California based artist has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and has work in several prominent collections. Waits will attend the opening reception at Tieken Gallery from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, April 29, 2017. The exhibition runs through May 21.