Vestal Makers is a new collection that salutes craftsmanship and those artisans who embrace unique handmade products. These watches aren’t mass produced. They are limited edition, signed and numbered watch straps attached to Vestal’s finest watch heads and buckles. These straps are cut, sewn and finished at Vestal Headquarters using time honored methods, right here in Costa Mesa, California. Each item is hand assembled using the highest quality full grain leathers, traditional knives, awls and waxed heavy thread creating a more durable and longer lasting product.

About Vestal Watch Company:
Vestal collections are watches and eyewear that fine-tune style and expression for the musically inspired individual. Established at the turn of the century, Vestal is marketed and branded through friends, musicians, artists and athletes who are immersed within music culture. For more information, please visit, VestalWatch.com

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