This video will give you in few minutes, a view of the year 2016 of the French street artist Astro. For more : instagram:

Check out more at LB PROJECT… Here is the trailer of the future video documentary DEVOTED featuring : Giovanni Reda, Trent Evans, Tony Vitello, Michael Burnett, Eric Swisher, Mark Whiteley, Brad Staba, Guy Mariano, Mike Mo, Steve Berra, Patrick

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Skate | Dylan Tribute

Fort Know is the third work of my White House series and the second one of my “On Trump” project. The White House series are works that, in some form or another, can count with White House building and surroundings

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Fintan Magee

FINTAN MAGEE interview • liz rice mccray I’m trying something new for my interviews this month and since I’m always curious where people are when I’m interviewing them, I thought why not ask for a visual? I’m especially interested where

Craig Costello

Craig Costello “KR” The latest undertaking by Craig Costello (a.k.a. “Krink,” or “KR”) was hands down a showstopper. Costello’s installation, Untitled (Rome), was painted as part of the month-long contemporary art exhibition for Outdoor Festival in Rome, Italy. The impressive