November 1, 2016

Beach Goth V

BEACH GOTH V words & photos • delon isaacs

I can’t believe this is the 5th fucking year that the Observatory OC and the Growlers have been putting on this beautiful mess of a festival. This years Peach Moth (some stupid joke I can’t keep not saying) Festival was hectic just as much as it was just fucking hilarious and amazing, that my brains is still pretty torched from that weekend that was held weeks ago.

Beach Goth, if you still haven’t been too or heard is the bi-product event and the direct result of when you give a bunch of irresponsible geniuses/goofballs a ton of money and complete freedom to throw a concert. It wouldn’t sound like a scene that would be for everyone, but take my word, it fully is! Beach Goth is one of the only concerts I’ve been to that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to musical taste, or physical statue and fame. It’s a festival where you can find the richest and most baller people coercing and having a hell time with anyone from beach bums, slobs, punks and thugs. From Patti Smith to Gucci Mane, or T.S.O.L to the Violent Femmes, or even 2 Live Crew to Justice, the festival had something enjoyable for anyone who attended.

If you’ve been reading negative reviews about this year’s festival I highly recommend you to ignore it. If you were to ask any shit-dick under the age of 25 how their experience was during the festival they would tell you that it fuckin’ ruled. Shit happens and the rain was unexpected, but the Observatory crew managed to do everything they could to keep the show rollin’ and they accomplished it – so mad respect! Don’t blow it by not going next year for Beach Goth VI.