January 28, 2016

Wade Goodall

interview • delon isaacs

Hi Wade, we wanted to do a profile on our favorite curly haired surfer, so we chose you. How have things been, man? How’s the new home? How’s the family? How’s being a dad through the toddler years going? Is she at the age yet where you can push her into the shorey?
Things are good. Loving the new zone. I live in a country town in the hills. There are a lot of good waves a short drive away. It’s cool for my family to be surrounded by trees and good food. Violet’s real chill so it’s fun hanging out with her. I haven’t really forced her onto a surfboard or whatever. If she wants to I’ll take her but she can’t swim by herself yet so I don’t want her to get worked in the shorey and get spooked. I just want her to get used to the ocean at her own pace.

So you’re living in Byron, Australia? Seems like it’s turning into an interesting hub for the more “alternative surfer” lately, haha. What are the home breaks like? What other local hooligans do you get hang/surf with everyday? Could you see yourself happier living anywhere else right now?
Actually I live in Bangalow. It’s 15 minutes up the hill from Byron. Byron’s pretty crowded with the backpacker scene. I like it where I am, way more mellow. The alternative surf scene is tight over here. There’s a clubhouse, there’s lots of good waves. It’s a good stretch of coast so I guess that’s why everyone is here. Creed, Ellis and Beau live around the corner. And Ozzie just moved to town. I think Dion has a place but he’s in LA at the moment. So many good surfers around here to hang with. I love it here. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be at this point.

Did you do the 87 weeks of aloha this year? Seems like a lot of different people either love or fucking hate the North Shore during the winter season. How was it for you this year? What crew were you hanging with?
I went for two weeks at the end of the Pipe contest. It was pretty fun but my knee was rooted so I was mainly just hanging around. Yeah, every year is different over there. Sometimes it’s a good time sometimes it’s a bit rough. I hung with Nolan but he got real sick and the Gudangs were there for a bit.

If you had to wrestle one Gudauskas brother, which one would you choose to fight? Which one wouldn’t you pick?
Shit question, haha I don’t like wrestling. Plus you couldn’t fight a Gudang, that’s like punching Oprah… Or Gandhi.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Do you have any upcoming trips or projects planned that you can talk about?
No resolutions. Just trying to heal up my sore knee and get some good stuff happening for the VANS film. I’m into seeing new things at the moment, so I want to go to some new places. I’d like to time NZ with some good waves and India. I’m keen to check out Puerto Rico. I’m just chasing that dragon where there’s not many other humans and a rideable wave.

Anyone doing shit in surfing right now that you fully back or are currently really inspired by? What kind of current shit turns you off from surfing?
Yeah, I really like Noa and Creed’s stuff. Their tweaks and cool lines are fun to watch. John John is amazing. Dane and Ozzie forever. Droid freaks me out. He’s crazy.
Nothing really bothers me enough to worry about but I guess GoPros and drones annoy me.

When was the last contest you participated in? Do you still have your Australian Pro Junior title? You ever reminisce over surf contest and kind of miss it, or is it something that you look back on and it kind of just tickles you?
I used to do the Teahupo’o trials but I stopped a few years ago. That was a real fun contest. My mum still has my trophy from my title. She backs it. Sometimes I wish I was on the World Tour but then I watch it and realize how flogged I would get. I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing.

Did Lemmy from Motorhead’s death bum you out? Have you been getting into any new kinds of music?
Of course, that was a bummer. Bowie passing hit me harder. He was special. I’ve been listening to a lot of Nick Cave lately.