January 26, 2016

SURF | Banjo Strings

Jack Colemon – Banjo Strings
Words: Jack

For some reasoN when waking up that morning i knew it was going to be a very special day down in North County, San Diego. Crisp morning mist came off the warm sea surface, til the sun came over the ridge, giving way to a lovely winter day . . . .
Rob & I were on it early, we had been shooting together for a couple days prior to this as well. Rob always has a small stash of boards in his van, so we had a lot to work with. He has evolved into a more than sufficient shaper over the past few years, & it seems he’s been riding more & more of his own shapes of late, much to my approval.

I thiNk of Rob as the “KING OF CARDIFF”, & Burch as “THE PRINCE”. Later that morning RyaN casually showed up & joiNed in on the sesh with his self shaped 4’11 twin keel squit fish. The stage was set, or so i thought, til the king of all kings showed up!

As i sat down the beach with my camera I did’nt even realize who it was after a couple waves, til Rob mentioned to me, “DUDE its F’in CURREN out there!” After that I didnt miss a wave. My childhood hero was inside my viewfinder:)

What a complete phycho Tom is! He would paddle out oN a 6ft INT softboard with the skim oN top, then ditch the INT & paddle iNto waves on his skim, truly amazing. Then just like that, woosh, he was gone. Rob and Ryan were trippin as much as I was, it was a classic day, what a session. Enjoy, BANJO STRINGS!