January 3, 2016


April Rankin Chew-n-tell is a food obsessed Angeleno who loves her city and is on an endless quest for the next delicious bite “always hungry. never tight-lipped”. April Rankin will take you on a food journey, introduce you to LA eateries and teach you formulas to cook yummy treats.

My name is April and I’m a popsicle hoarder.

That is the sobering realization I had this morning when I opened my freezer and counted 58 different homemade popsicles in 14 different flavors. It all started innocently enough about a month ago with 2 pints of Pudwill Farms blackberries, some organic sugar, and a little bit of fresh tarragon. I realized that I could make pure magic on a stick. Even better, I could SAVE that magic in my freezer and have it ANY TIME I wanted.

That is when the mentality of “If one is good, 1000 must be SO much better” kicked in. I started making about two types of popsicles a day from all of my farmer’s market loot. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit fanatical about farmer’s markets in the summer. It takes every thing in me to hold back from actually skipping around the booths of nectarines, peaches and strawberries. I realized I could now preserve those beautiful flavors in something other than jam. Before I knew it, my produce-nerd soul was knee-deep in a serious popsicle-making addiction.

As addictions often do, mine progressed to the next level: dealer. I had major popsicle overstock, and soon was meeting friends on my corner for popsicle pick-up drive-bys (seriously). The BEST part about making your own popsicles: it’s EASY, and when you make them at home you have complete creative control. The general formula is: pick your favorite fruit, blend it up, add some simple syrup, and pop it in the freezer. Once you have that basic skill down, you can get crazy and take your pops to the next level (i.e. swirl in cream or yogurt, or infuse herbs like tarragon and mint into your simple syrup). The only real “skill” involved is making simple syrup. Here is a basic formula:

3/4 cup organic sugar + 3/4 cup water+ simmering for a few minutes= 1 cup simple syrup

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